Japan - Health Professions Program

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Saturday, June 29, 2024

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Dr. Brittanie Lockard and Dr. Gregory Soukup will offer two tracks for Health Professions and Kinesiology students. In Health Professions Across the Globe, students will have the opportunity to complete an independent study in one aspect of their Health Profession program, that may* fill in as a substitution for one of their required course (*see your Program Director for details). Students will complete a semester project in which they compare and contrast the details of a health profession topic in the United States with the international destination. In History of Sport in Japan, students will have the opportunity to examine the cultural significance of Sumo and other traditional martial arts (karate, judo, kendo, yabusame) and traditional Japanese Noh dance.

Additionally during the faculty-led travel excursion all students will get the opportunity to examine the impact that Western sport has had on Japanese sporting culture like baseball, and Japanese participation in the modern Olympic games.

The courses are full summer-long courses, while the travel experience will take place from June 29-July 9, 2024.

For additional information, email Dr. Lockard or Dr. Soukup.


Deadlines and (estimated) payment amounts: Feb 16, $300; March 15, $1,500; April 15, $1,500; May 15, $1,700. Payments are accepted via UIW's CashNet.



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